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Center report

VOL.86 Summer 2018

1.1MB 4 pages
・15th anniversary of Rings Japanese language learning support network
・Learning from the Kumamoto Earthquake: Training for response to enquiries from non-Japanese victims
・Happy Easter! Cross-cultural understanding lecture and egg-dyeing experience
・Intergenerational home-share: Sharing ideas on the initiative in Kyoto Prefecture and the UK

VOL.85 Spring 2018

872KB 4 pages

・Corner of Kyoto prefecture, from Maia Hall
・Tsinghua Xinhuo program participants at the Center
・Farewell, KPIC! Greetings from Martin Baer, Coordinator for International relations
・Special Story by Károlyi Orsolya
・COUNSELING Q&A for Kyoto’s International Residents

VOL.84 Winter 2017

830KB 4 pages

・Lecture for cross-cultural understanding : Scotland and Edinburgh
・Fieldtrip in Nantan
・Asu no Kyoto: great success of the quiz rally organized by KPIC !
・Special Story “A journey to Kyotango with Kyoto Prefecture Friendship Ambassadors”
・COUNSELING Q&A for Kyoto’s International Residents
・Information from KPIC

VOL.83 Autumn 2017

917KB 4 pages

・Introduction of a new Coordinator for International Relations for Kyoto Prefecture
・Fieldtrip in Kyoto Prefecture: homestay experience to build close ties with locals
・Roundtable for International students: job hunting and career support
・Special story from Liz Patrick
・COUNSELING Q&A for Kyoto’s International Residents
・Information from KPIC : JP/Filipino translator recruitment

VOL.82 Spring 2017


1MB 4 pages

・Corner of Kyoto (By CIR) : 5 years as a CIR in Kyoto Prefecture
・Event report : Forum to celebrate 20 years of KPIC
・Working in Kyoto Prefecture: from learning Japanese to start one's own business in Japan. Interview with Jean-Baptiste Fauvel, CEO at JB&B.
 "Field trip in Kyotango"   & "International day of Yoga in Kyoto"
・COUNSELING Q&A for Kyoto’s International Residents

VOL.81 Winter 2017


1.23MB 4 pages

・KPIC at Asu no Kyoto to foster intercultural understanding!
・Roundtable session for finding a job
・Emergency call and fire safety training
・Kyoto Prefecture and Occitanie Region (France): a new step towards internationalization
・Living Info
 "Forum to Celebrate 20 Years of Kyoto Prefectural International Center"
・COUNSELING Q&A for Kyoto’s International Residents

VOL.80 Winter 2016


1.47MB 4 pages

・Disaster Preparedness Drill for International Residents
・A new CIR at KPIC !
・International Cooperation Station 2016
・[NEW] Living Info : Temporary welfare benefits/Minimum wage in Kyoto Prefecture
・INFORMATION FROM KPIC: Japanese classes for International Residents/
・COUNSELING SERVICES for Kyoto’s International Residents: 
 "Support Desk for International Students""Visa consultation"
・COUNSELING Q&A for Kyoto’s International Residents


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