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Status of Residence


Status of Residence

Immigration Bureau of Japan

Immigration control pamphlet

Procedures (when changing status of residence, etc.)

Osaka Immigration Bureau, Kyoto Branch

TEL  :075-752-5997
Open Hours: 9:00~12:00 13:00~16:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)
For more information:

Osaka Immigration Bureau, Maizuru Branch

TEL: 0773-75-1149
Open Hours: 9:00~12:00 13:00~16:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)
For more information:

Locations that offer multi-lingual consultation services

Osaka Immigration Information Center

English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, etc.
Offering consultation for all types of concerns related to immigration and stay.
Consultation is available not just by telephone and in person, but also by email.

TEL: 0570-013904(IP,PHS,Overseas:03-5796-7112)
Open hours: 8:30~17:15 (closed on weekends and holidays)
Inquiries by email are only done through Japanese.

Kyoto City International Foundation

Immigration procedure consultations by judicial scriveners
(Japanese and English. Please inquire for other languages.)
TEL  : 075-752-3511 *Reservations are necessary


CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)

Basic explanation and information regarding Statuses of Residence as well as the necessary documents and procedure for changing a Status of Residence.


Kyoto Gyosei Lawyer’s Association

Questions and answers regarding permanent residency and naturalization, labor, and marriage
http://kyoto-shoshi.jp/jobs/movie_kokusai.html (Japanese)

Ministry of Justice, Civil Affairs Bureau

Q&A regarding nationality
http://www.moj.go.jp/MINJI/minji78.html (Japanese)


Kyoto Prefectural International Center
3F East Bldg. Kyoto Terrsa,70 Higashikujo shimotonoda-cho,Minami-ku,Kyoto
Open / 10:00-18:00
Closed /Tuesdays, National holidays, 12/29-1/3
TEL : 075-681-2500 / FAX : 075-681-2508