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International Marriage and Divorce


International Marriage and Divorce

The procedure for marriage and divorce of couples in which one or both partners is not a Japanese citizen differs from those of Japanese couples.

・A list of necessary forms, etc., for international marriage and divorce
CLAIR http://www.clair.or.jp/tagengorev/en/c/index.html

To consult with an expert or request procedures

If the procedures are difficult to do on your own, you can consult with an administrative scrivener (gyoseishoshi lawyer).

Kyoto Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Association


For a fee, administrative scriveners can provide services such as preparing and submitting the following:
Family registry forms and procedures, application for certificate of eligibility, application to change status of residence, application for extension of period of stay, application for naturalization, application for permanent residency, and invitation letters.

Japan Legal Support Center

This center offers information on the legal system and consultation with related organizations in person and by telephone for free. Also, for those who need to speak to lawyers or judicial scriveners but are financially unable, free legal advice is given through the civil legal aid system.



Japan Legal Support Centers in Kyoto Prefecture

What is Domestic Violence (DV)? (Kyoto Prefecture)

What is Domestic Violence (DV)?
DV Consultation Services etc.



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